A Little About Me :)

I'm Tabitha

I have a tendency to speak my mind!

My God Is An Awesome God!
What A Mighty God We Serve!

God's been good he's given me such a wonderful family, love my wonderful boyfriend and have some really awesome friend's in my life. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I'm so very blessed!

I'm Grateful Each & Everyday for ...
° I’m grateful for God’s grace.
° I’m grateful for my faith.
° I’m grateful for my parents - I love you both very much
° I’m grateful for my boyfriend - I love you very much
° I’m grateful for the wonderful friend's has brought into my life - I might not talk to each and everyone of you all everyday but love each and everyone of you
° I’m grateful for each and every day new day
° I’m grateful for a roof over my head
° I’m grateful for whenever I smell food cooking
° I’m grateful for having the freedom to choose the life I want to live.
° I’m grateful for being forgiven.
° I’m grateful for technology for keep in touch with people that I cant see everyday
° I’m grateful for having the ability to pay my bills.
° I’m grateful for realizing being happy is my greatest purpose.
° I’m grateful for the kindness of strangers.
° I’m grateful for people reading what I write.
° I’m grateful for learning from my mistakes.
° I’m grateful for everything that I have and truly blessed

* Things that I love *
° Rainbows - God's Promise
° Dale Earnhardt Jr. Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Chipper Jones, Craig Kimbrel, Freddie Freeman
° UGA Football
° Shopping
° Children
° My laptop, iPad 2/Pod touch
° E-Mailing/Talking online
° Texting/Talking on the phone
° PS3 - Ask for my game tag ID
° The beach it relaxes me
° Horses/Dolphins
° Tanning
° Flip Flops/Sandals/Sunglasses
° Taking pictures/takin pictures
° Fall & Spring time
° The month of September

Things I DON'T like
° Dont like drama/childish games
° Dont a snake of any kind
° Dont like Scary Movies
° Dont like Cherries

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